Happy Holidays!

We’d like to wish everyone a happy holiday season and we are very thankful to you, our customers for keeping us in business for the past 25 years. Please know that our winter hours are subject to weather conditions and to please stop in for special deals and give-a-ways between now and Christmas. Thank you for your patronage.


Sunday through Thursday
8am to 2pm

Friday and Saturday
8am to 8pm

Seeking part time temporary seasonal workers.
Can provide lodging and board.
Email tugglesg@swva.net
Fill your tank with Premium or
Regular Unleaded Gasoline from our pumps.

goal is to provide
high quality food with
first rate service at all times.
We strive to support healthy eat-
ing using local farms and sustainable
agriculture, to support our local arts
and crafts, and to create a culture of
respect for all people and our envi-
ronment. We are dedicated to
recycling and composting
everything possible.